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Obsessions of the Masses
The, "Obsessions of the Masses," are all the absurd and idiotic things society—the great mass of the ignorant and idiotic riff-raff, the hoi polloi, referred to as, "the common people," the, "TV viewing audience," or "average man"— think and worry about. The issues that occupy the minds and emotions of most human beings are not only trivial and meaningless, but sources of endless trouble and paranoia.

This is the first, "Riff-Raff Sensations Report."

Burmese Days

Burmese Days by George Orwell, is a delightful story of life in Burma, before it became Myanmar and infected with Islam, as it is today—an infection all news carefully avoids mentioning.

The riff-raff of the world are very worried about what is going on in Myanmar. Security forces have shot dead eight people, and injured many more in Mandalay. The riff-raff want something done about it, like, banning, "companies from doing business with the," Myanmar military, and, referring, "Myanmar's military to the International Criminal Court."

Of course the riff-raff only know what it sees in the news media. The trouble did not begin with a military coup. The Rohingya is a political movement that started in the 1950s to create "an autonomous Muslim zone" in Rakhine. During the rule of deposed Aung San Suu Kyi: "Thousands of Rohingya were killed and more than 700,000 fled to Bangladesh following an army crackdown in 2017."

Odd, what the riff-raff worry about. Perhaps companies should be banned from doing business with the Detroit and the mayor be taken to the International Criminal Court, since, "Violent Weekend In Detroit: 33 Shot, 7 Killed," and, "6 Murders, 9 Shootings In Detroit Over 24 Hours," are typical Detroit weekend headlines.

Are deaths in Myanmar really more serious than deaths in Detroit? The riff-raff apparently thinks so.

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