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It's All Cuckoo
What is it about Switzerland. Perhaps it's the rarified air. I've written about it before in, "There's More Cuckoo In Switzerland Than Their Clocks. That was about their insane environmental policies.

The Swiss are afraid of everything. But this isn't about fearing someone might behead a flower, but might actually appear in public with a face covering, a particular one called a niqab or burqa.

←Masks Are Banned—Masks Are Mandatory→

To protect themselves from face-covered threats, Switzerland Approves 'Burqa Ban' To Prohibit Face Coverings In Public.

But since the Swiss are also terrified of the, "pandemic," they, tighten measures to combat COVID-19, "including a nation-wide obligation to wear masks," and, "an order to wear masks on public transport, train stations, airports, bus and tram stops."

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