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About Free Underground Quotes
The purpose of the Free Underground quotes is not meant to be didactic, but inspirational, consisting of thought-provoking ideas that are poignant and entertaining.

None of the authors of these quotes are necessarily individualists, themselves, although many were, but each was, in their own field, a creator and original thinker, like George Bernard Shaw. The quotes are not meant to gain your agreement, but to stimulate your own thinking. Some of the quotes are by very bad authors (like those by the, "educator," John Dewey), and others were by authors decidedly not freedom oriented or individualistic. The quotes are not about the personalities, only the ideas.

The quotes are meant to be enjoyed. More quotes will be added over time. If you have suggestions for quotes you think would be of interest to free individuals and those who enjoy using their minds and discovering new ideas, please contact Freedom Underground with your ideas.

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