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Submit articles, ask questions, make comments, or tell a story about how you are living free. Below, three ways of commmunicating with Freedom Underground are described, because free individuals enjoy other's success and ideas. This is not a, "community," not a, "social media" site, If you want to join something or need to belong to some community, please use one of the social media sites available on the Internet.

You must include the code FIQ223 in the subject line of all communication.

The reason for the code is security. Any email communication without it is ignored by the system.

Freedom Underground Blog Unitl Feb. 16, 2021 All Freedom Underground articles were posted on the Free Underground Blog for you to add your own comments, questions, or criticisms. No new articles are posted to the blog. The last article, "Just For Your Comments," is for you to make comments or write anything else of interest to free individuals.

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The Freedom Underground and the Free Individual welcomes all comments, criticisms, questions, and suggestions. No user information, emails, addresses, names, or content are saved or used in any way. Please see the Privacey Policy.

You may use the following email address for anything you would like to contact the Free Individual about.


If you would like to comment on any article in the Free Individual ot Freedom Underground, or discuss any related subject, use the following and include the article title or subject in the subject line (together with the code above). Please indicate if you would prefer your comments to be kept confidential, anonymous, or do not wish to have them published.


Freedom Underground would love to publish articles, and short autographs, or stories from individuals who are living free.

To submit an article to the Free Individual or Freedom Underground, it may be included in the body of an email or as an attachment, in text, html, or "word" type format. (No PDF please.) Use the following address for submissions:

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