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All the following is for those living their lives as free individuals. These articles will not be of interest to the great mass of the socially needy, who will neither understand or appreciate them and will probably be offended by them.

Riff_Raff Sensations— Burmese Days—The riff-raff of the world are very worried about what is going on in Myanmar. Security forces have shot dead eight people, and injured many more in Mandalay. The riff-raff want something done about it, like, banning, "companies from doing business with the," Myanmar military, and, referring, "Myanmar's military to the International Criminal Court." —For more, see"Obsessions of the Masses." [03/16/21]

Switzerland—It's All Cuckoo—What is it about Switzerland. Perhaps it's the rarified air. I've written about it before in, "There's More Cuckoo In Switzerland Than Their Clocks. That was about their insane environmental policies.

The Swiss are afraid of everything. But this isn't about fearing someone might behead a flower, but might actually appear in public with a face covering, a particular one called a niqab or burqa.

←Masks Banned—Masks Mandatory→

For more, see"Switzerland." [03/11/21]

Climate Clowns 50 years of lying headlines:
1967 Salt Lake Tribune: Dire Famine Forecast by 1975, Already Too Late
1969 NYT: "Unless we are extremely lucky, everyone will disappear in a cloud of blue steam in 20 years. The situation will get worse unless we change our behavior."
1988 Agence France Press: Maldives will be Completely Under Water in 30 Years.
1989 Salon: New York City's West Side Highway underwater by 2019 said Jim Hansen the scientist who lectured Congress in 1988 about the greenhouse effect.
2000 The Independent: "Snowfalls are a thing of the past. Our children will not know what snow is," says senior climate researcher.
2008 Associate Press: NASA Scientist says "We're Toast. In 5-10 years the Arctic will be Ice Free"
2008 Al Gore: Al Gore warns of ice-free Arctic by 2013.
2013 The Guardian: The Arctic will be Ice Free in Two Years. "The release of a 50 gigaton of methane pulse" will destabilize the planet.
2013 The Guardian: US Navy Predicts Ice Free Arctic by 2016.
2019 Rep. Alexandris Ocasio-Cortex: World will end in 12 years.
For more, plus original aritcles see: "Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions." [02/22/21]

Clash Of Bigger Idiots—The big kerfuffle in Australia is between the Ausi government, which plans to force Facebook to pay for, "news media," content. and Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook. The government is in a dither because Facebook simply blocked all Australian news media content. Of course that is not what the government really wants, what it really wants is what PM Julian Knight said: "Facebook needs to be 'brought to heel' and pay .... The company's move to block all media content in Australia is a staggeringly irresponsible attempt to bully a democracy."

No, it's a refusal to pay for something it is not worth paying for while providing the government a platform for its own propaganda at Facebook's expense. And that government accuses Zuckerberg of, "being motivated by money," which is only wrong for individuals, not governments, apparently. [02/18/21]

Clash Of Idiots When an idiotic government arrests a dangerous rapper for, "glorifying terrorism and insulting the Spanish monarchy," and sentences him, "to nine months in prison," of course there will be idiotic protesters who riot and start fires. Just another entertaining two-night riot with, "more than 30 injured," and, "one protestor losing her eye." The idiotic celebration was for, Pablo Hasel in Barcelona, Spain, a hero apparently worth losing an eye for if you're an idiot. [02/18/21]

Economic Disaster?—It's good to know the Associated Press is keeping abreast of the latest things to fear in this age of paranoia. I had to read this twice to be sure it was not satire: Jamaica faces marijuana shortage as farmers struggle. Really! I did not make this up. [02/17/21]

No Masks Required—Not worried about, "mask mandates," of course. Like any other state oppressive laws, there is no reason to obey them, or flaunt our disobedience, either. That's our freedom to choose. Still, it might be useful to know where it is easier to live without worrying about the latest government dress regulations. For more, see, "Mask Free." [02/16/21]

The Last Blog Entry—"The Virtue Of Vice," article will be the last article posted to the Freedom Underground Blog. One last post will be made and entitled, "Your Blog Comments," where you may comment on anything in either the Free Individual or Freedom Underground. For more information about using the Blog see, "Have Your Say." [02/15/21]

The Virtue Of Vice—If you don't know who H.L. Mencken was, and if you are the beneficiary of a modern public school education or the product of any modern University, you probably do not, you are missing an intellectual experience that is, among other things, the cure for the pandemic of paranoia that infects the entire world today. [02/07/21] [Blog]

Sports Circus—This Townhall article by Michael Reagan, "Transgender Madness is Destroying Girls Sports," presents this as some kind of problem. Exactly what that problem is seems a bit confused. [02/06/21] [Blog]

Advantages Of Independence—Fortuitous Consequences—Reading the news provided by mainstream media, or most of the, so-called, independent sources as well, is mostly a waste of time for any useful information for the free individual. There is one benefit, however, to reading the news that an individualist can enjoy, which is being reminded of all the suffering the great mass of humanity brings on itself that the free individual finds appalling, but grateful they never have to endure. [02/01/21] [Blog]

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